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Technology Student Association

Technology Student Association (TSA)

 The Technology Student Association is an organization devoted to students interested in such career fields as architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, film/video production, graphic arts or other technical areas.  

From engineers to business managers, alumni credit TSA with having had a positive influence on their lives.

The club strives for student success and full financial coverage for their chapter TSA members. They meet every Thursday for up to 30 minutes, where students work together to finish TSA projects and events. They are a young award-winning chapter that specializes in engineering and writing events. What makes MTHS TSA stand out from others? At the MTHS TSA, they believe that leadership and fundraising are of utmost importance: Students are given a multitude of opportunities to participate in STEM outreach events, as well as TSA fundraisers for Mountlake Terrace. Students work to design, produce, and sell various items, where all of the proceeds go towards TSA students who are in need of financial aid. 

In order to ensure that all students receive full financial benefits in Mountlake Terrace TSA, they have developed several fundraising techniques over the past four years. Being STEM students, most of their fundraisers consist of the sale of custom-designed items. Their TSA students design, prototype, manufacture, and sell various items, notably holiday decorations, in order to raise money for the group. They have ensured that all students receive free TSA membership, materials, leadership conference attendance, and regionals conference attendance.

At MTHS, TSA members officially meet with their chapter every Thursday, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. On the Tuesday before that, our school’s TSA leadership committee meets to discuss the agenda for the following Thursday, but other members are encouraged to attend as well. Their meetings are structured to fit logistics and important events or updates within the first thirty minutes of the meeting, leaving the next hour to prepare projects for the state competition. At the MTHS TSA, their main goal is to be great leaders, and to train excellent leaders for the future!

In MTHS TSA, their students compete in an array of events, ranging from Children’s Stories to Engineering Design, to even Biotechnology Design. They have provided students with all the materials that they need for success in their event and ensure that they never have to spare a penny. Students are welcome to, but not required to attend the regional TSA competitions in the winter to receive helpful feedback. After that, students compete at the state level, and some students move on to the national level.

Through the TSA club at MTHS, students will learn through exciting competitive events and leadership opportunities.  For more information about TSA, visit the WA State TSA website