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TSA State Conference 2022

TSA State Conference 2022
Posted on 03/31/2022

Congratulations to the MTHS Technology Student Association (TSA) members for winning at the Washington state conference at the DoubleTree Hotel, Sea-Tac. At TSA, students competed in a wide variety of events from debating technological issues to video game design. After months of planning and preparation for the three-day conference, Terrace took 1st place in four events as well as placing in several others. Here are the winners:


1st Place - Spencer Jolly, Andrew Ramirez, Henry Appel, Kasey Bock

Biotechnology Design

9th Place - Audrey Than, Katelyn Thomas, Iris Bell, and Kaylee Miyamoto

Board Game Design

7th Place - Gannon Alvarado, Xander Terry

Children's Stories

3rd Place - Cleo Williams, Kerensa Suzara, and Phuong Lam

8th Place - Mylin Nguyen, Josie Vander Ploeg, and Annika Cerrillo

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

7th Place - Braedan Swan, Arielle Analau, Ishika Goundar, Arian Motaghedi, Ryan Sturgill, and Alessandra Serena-Takahashi


6th Place - Neil Humphrey, Nick Iwuoha

7th Place - John Jorgensen, Jakob Nacanaynay


4th Place - John Jorgensen, Jakob Nacanaynay, Asher Wheaton, Neil Humphrey, Vincent Clement, and Nick Iwuoha

10th Place - Arielle Analau, Sonita Chen, and Ishika Goundar

Debating Technological Issues

4th Place - Katie Larios and Luna Tewolde

Digital Video Production

8th Place - Jack Burbank, Abby Setala, Kylie Prescott and Andrew Ramirez

Dragster Design

1st Place - Jack Burbank

3rd Place - Kien Trung

Engineering Design

3rd Place - Kaylee Miyamoto, Spencer Jolly, Ryan Sturgill, Daryl Tran, and Conor Neely

Essays on Technology

8th Place - Xander Beaky

Fashion Design and Technology

5th Place - Alessandra Serena-Takahashi, Luna Tewolde, Emily Ulvin, and Rochelle Rosario

6th Place - Michael Kier, Zane Marulitua, Edwin Tjandra, and Caleb Logosz

Forensic Science

7th Place - Alessandra Serena-Takahashi, Kaylee Miyamoto

On Demand Video

4th Place - Kylie Prescott, Jack Burbank, Rochell Rosario, Quinn Harmon, Jenna Gallagher, and Iris Bell

Prepared Presentation

10th Place - Emma Kerani

Promotional Design

4th Place - Michael Kier

7th Place - Lin Miyamoto

Scientific Visualization (SciVis)

3rd Place - Phuong Lam, Kerensa Suzara, and Cleo Williams

Structural Design and Engineering


1st Place - Emmanuel Fernandez and Jack Burbank

2nd Place - Kien Trung and Dylan Pham

3rd Place - Braedan Swan and Arian Motaghedi

Technology Bowl

1st Place - Ezra Fenwick, John Jorgensen, and Spencer Jolly

VEX Robotics Competition

3rd Place - Trace Fagan, Alexander Ballard, Amir Basmani, and Daniel Khani

7th Place - Alfredo Alamdar and James Carty

Video Game Design

2nd Place - Jakob Nacanaynay, John Jorgensen, Vincent Clement, Xander Terry, Gannon Alvarado, and Raio Chea

8th Place - Neil Humphrey, Xander Beaky, Connor Bunch, and Ryan Sturgill


4th Place - Lin Miyamoto, Sophina Chen, Emma Kerani, Raio Chea, Jakob Nacanaynay, and Asher Wheaton

Thank you to club advisors Mark Burbank, James Wilson, and VEX robotics advisor Brandon Owings. Special thanks to chaperones Kelsey Way, Nichole Mohs, Heather Brostrom, and Debra Davenport.

Good luck to all TSA members moving on to the national conference which will be taking place from June 26-30 in Dallas, Texas.

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